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Adrian Wojnarowski Says Any Donovan Mitchell Deal Is Going To Take Some Time: "The Knicks Don't Want To Bid Against Themselves..."

Donovan Mitchell

As the world waits for news on the Kevin Durant front, the future of Utah's Donovan Mitchell hangs in the balance.

After the Jazz traded Rudy Gobert earlier this summer, experts are convinced that the team would be willing to move on from Mitch as well for the right price.

So far, no teams have come close to making a trade for Spida, and ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski says it could take some time before something gets done. On 'NBA Today' Tuesday afternoon, Woj dropped the latest on what's happening in Utah.

"Utah talked with the Knicks early last week and exchanged some ideas of what a potential Donovan Mitchell deal with New York might look like. Now Utah's out talking to the rest of the league, seeing what else might be available to them. I do think they'll reconnect with the Knicks at some point in this offseason. But, again, Utah has a high threshold for doing a deal for Mitchell, with 4 years left also on his contract. You saw what they got for Rudy Gobert, they were patient. They really weren't in a bidding situation when they got a price that ultimately felt pretty easy to do a deal on. Four first-round picks, really a fifth pick when you count Minnesota's 2022 first. I think that's gonna be the posture again here in Utah. New York doesn't wanna just bid against itself, and offer up more and more without a sense that there's somebody else in the marketplace yet doing that. So I do think any potential Donovan Mitchell deal is going to take some time."

It is no secret that the Knicks are leading the charge for Mitchell. With several young assets and future first-round picks, they have the ability to offer a massive package that would rival what the Jazz got for Gobert.

But unless other teams join the Donovan Mitchell sweepstakes, and start making offers of their own, Leon Rose and the Knickerbockers are going to be hesitant to offer a premier package.