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Adrian Wojnarowski Says Clippers Could Land Darren Collison Just To Keep Him Away From The Lakers

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

After a 10-year career in the NBA, Darren Collison decided to call it quits at just 32-years-old. At the time, it was a move that shocked the NBA community, as it was revealed that Collison retired from the league to pursue a life as a Jehovah's Witness.

Months later, talks of a comeback are surfacing, and multiple teams could join the pursuit of the veteran guard.

One such team includes the Clippers, who Adrian Wojnarowski says could sign Collison just to keep him away from their competitors.

"The Lakers have been really looking for a secondary ball handler. He [Collison] is also another player that shoots the 3 at a high percentage rate. Part of the thinking in making sure you get Collison if you're the Clippers is to keep him away from the Lakers."

As a two-way, ball-handling guard, Collison is everything the Lakers have been looking for. With the team going on record as saying a backup ball-handler was their priority going into the trade deadline, you can expect team GM Rob Pelinka to take a hard look at Collison if he decides to come back.

Obviously, with the Clippers squarely in contention for the title this season, keeping a guy like Collison away from the Lakers would help their cause in April and May. But as a career 12-point per game scorer, he obviously has much more to offer them than that.

He has the chance to be a real difference-maker come playoff time, and teams will be looking for ways to sign him in the coming weeks and months.