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Adrian Wojnarowski Says Magic Johnson Was Not Good At His Job As Lakers President

(via People)

(via People)

As the NBA postseason begins, the Lakers find themselves in the midst of an internal rebuild. Following the departure of Magic, the team decided to let go of head coach Luke Walton and his staff.

As they search for replacements, it is important that they find people who are fully invested in their franchise, unlike what was the case with Magic Johnson who, according to Adrian Wojnarowski, was never fully present during his tenure with the team.

(via the Golic and Wingo Show)

Mike Golic: Was Magic good at his job?

Woj: No, no. And largely didn't do the job, I mean he was not around much. Every once in a while you'd see him scouting and it would always be a big production, he'd be at a college game and you'd know he was there. He wasn't at a lot of them and he wasn't around the team much, and I think when he came in earlier in the year when we reported on when he went after Luke Walton earlier in the season, you know he comes in and yells at people and gets after them, but he's not around and it's hard to take that seriously when the person is not in there with you every day. He has these other businesses, other interests, and traveling, so people would tell you they didn't see him around much, he wasn't in the office a good deal. Now, a lot of that responsibility goes to Rob Pelinka, Magic's the President and Rob's the GM, and Rob does the job, he scouts and he's in there, but Magic did not treat it with the respect that it demands, and it's a full time 365 day a year job and Magic treated it like one of his several entities.

When Magic took the job, Jeanie Buss entrusted him with the reigns of the Lakers. Evidently, the scope of his responsibilities caught him off guard, and he was ill-equipped to tackle it.

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski revealed that the search for replacements has already begun in the coaching department, but it is clear that the team will have to fill Magic's void if they want to position themselves well for free agency. Hopefully this time they hire someone who actually knows what he is getting himself into.