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Adrian Wojnarowski Allegedly Sent Nasty Email To Senator Who Suggested Players Should Wear Pro Cop, Military NBA Jerseys



Considering everything that has happened in regards to the BLM protests, it's fair to say that the civil unrest that has gripped this country is the highest it has been in a long time.

In a lot of ways, it has become not only a race war but also a war against cops and the system that enables them to abuse their power.

Like it or not, the NBA has entangled itself into the conversation by being a voice for the black community and allowing players to speak up and out against the things that people believe need to change. The league is also allowing players to personalize the back of their jerseys with a unique message in support of social and racial equality.

But for Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, he proposed that since the NBA is backing Black Lives, they can also show their support for the U.S. military and the nation's police officers.

This is the letter he sent to the league:

While supporting our troops and the police officers who risk their lives to protect us is far from a bad thing, now isn't necessarily the best time to advertise it. Adrian Wojnarowski apparently feels the same way, and allegedly responded pretty harshly to the Senator's letter.

In this time of civil unrest, it's the Black community who is hurting and it is them who we need the most support.

With so much criticism for the police force right now, people are calling for reform and a higher level of accountability from the top down. We shouldn't be celebrating them until these changes happen -- at least in the eyes of BLM advocates.

The NBA has chosen their stance and right now, their attention is on spreading love and equality throughout the country.