Adrian Wojnarowski: 'There Is No Market For DeMarcus Cousins'

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(via GQ)

(via GQ)

DeMarcus Cousins turned down a 2-year, $40 million contract extension from the Pelicans in 2018. He bet on himself and tried to convince the world that he was still worthy of a max contract despite a devastating Achilles tear.

Unfortunately, that decision backfired, and his tenure in Golden State did not end the way he was hoping. he failed to prove much of anything, and instead spent his season dealing with more injuries as the Warriors' dynasty came crumbling down.

DeMarcus is a free agent again this offseason, but he will not find any easier path to a long-term contract, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

With the Warriors having paid Stein, Klay, Russell, and Looney, they don't really have the pocket for DeMarcus unless he is willing to take the veteran minimum.

But the uninterest from teams around the league may be just more than about the injuries. Before his tenure in Golden State and New Orleans, he was perceived as a locker-room cancer, a selfish player, and an overall poor leader. Part of his quest with the Dubs in 2019 was to change that reputation.

It clearly was not enough, as the 4x All-Star finds himself in danger of not being signed.