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After Daryl Morey Incident, There Are 29 NBA Teams Left In China’s Basketball Forum

(via Uproxx)

(via Uproxx)

The Houston Rockets keep suffering the backlash from the tweets their general manager Daryl Morey posted in recent hours. This past Friday Morey tweeted an image that read "Fight for Freedom. Stand for Hong Kong" referring to the protest taking place in there for months.

As expected, this wasn’t very welcomed by a lot of people, especially in China, where the Rockets currently are. Following this incident, they saw how several companies, the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) and even the Chinese government have cut tied with them.

To put things into perspective, it’s like the Rockets don’t exist for the Asian country. In addition to all the things we saw before, now even basketball sites are ignoring the existence of the Texans. For instance, popular Chinese basketball forum hupu has deleted the Houston Rockets from their site, leaving the NBA with only 29 teams.

hupu screenshot

The NBA sees China as a big market for future international growth, but this situation might hurt those plans, at least for now. Even though Morey issued an apology for his tweet, it doesn’t look like this whole thing is going to be forgotten or forgiven shortly.