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Al Horford And John Wall Have Higher Hall Of Fame Probability Than Derrick Rose, According To Basketball Reference

Al Horford And John Wall Have Higher Hall Of Fame Probability Than Derrick Rose, According To Basketball Reference

Derrick Rose is a player that still has fans asking the question 'what if?'. Rose entered the NBA in 2008 as the 1st overall pick in the NBA Draft. Rose went to the Chicago Bulls, his hometown franchise.

He immediately hit the ground running, having a solid rookie season, and winning Rookie Of The Year, and making the NBA's All-Rookie 1st Team in 2009. He only went on to improve from there, becoming the centerpiece of the new-look Chicago Bulls. 

By 2011, Rose had become a superstar in the league and won the 2011 NBA MVP. Rose became the youngest MVP in league history and is the only player in Bulls history to win an MVP not named Michael Jordan.

Rose and the Bulls quickly became a title contender, with the team being built around Derrick Rose. Players Joakim Noah and Luol Deng helped accentuate Rose's game, and the Bulls were on the verge of returning to the top of the NBA mountain.

The next year, Rose and the Bulls only seemed to get better, establishing themselves as one of the best squads in the East. But during the 2012 NBA playoffs, Rose suffered a massive ACL tear in his left leg.

He ended up missing the following 2012-13 NBA season, and then went on to suffer several smaller injuries that led to him losing his All-Star level athleticism. Since then, Rose has gone on to play for different teams like the Cavaliers, Timberwolves, Pistons, before returning to the Knicks last season for his second stint.

Rose is no longer an All-Star or MVP caliber player? But will he make it to the Hall of Fame? According to Basketball-Reference, Rose actually has an 11.93% probability of making it to the Hall of Fame. Surprisingly, Al Horford has a slightly higher probability to make it with 12%, and John Wall has an even higher chance to do so with 32%.

While Rose is no longer an All-Star, he has shown that he can still be a solid contributor on a playoff team, especially with his performances in the 2021 NBA playoffs. On top of that, he has accomplished way more than Horford and Wall, with just his MVP win alone.

Despite being a former MVP and a multiple-time All-Star, Rose doesn't have a high chance to be a Hall of Famer according. Rose is the youngest MVP in NBA history and changed the league forever. But as of now, things aren't looking good for him with regards to his Hall of Fame hopes.