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Al Horford Says He Would Have Re-Considered Signing With Celtics If He Knew Kemba Walker Was Coming



Al Horford is looking for a Championship, plain and simple. In a recent interview with the Boston Herald, he expressed that things might not have changed if Kyrie Irving has returned. Things were a mess.

But with Kemba Walker? Horford seemed much less confident. In that same interview, the All-Star forward suggested he might have reconsidered the decision to leave if he knew Kemba Walker was on his way.

And what about if he’d known Kemba Walker was coming. Horford paused.

“I don’t want to get caught up in the past,” he said, “but, yeah, that would have been totally different.”

It's not as though he is regretting his decision. After-all, the Sixers are much in the same position as Horford was looking for. He is getting paid, he will play a big role, and they have a chance to win the Championship this season. What more could you ask for?

But loyalty is a rarity nowadays, and it seems that Al would have preferred to stay loyal to the C's then end things in the way that he did. Kyrie Irving was a big part of the problem and with him gone and replaced with Kemba, they could be poised for a stellar season.

Only time will tell.