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Al Horford's Brother, Josh, Denies That The Boston Celtics Offered Jaylen Brown For Kevin Durant: "Y’all Are Trusting The Same Sources That Said The Celtics Had A Team Argument When They Were Really Just Having A Normal Team Breakfast."

Jaylen Brown

Even after a trip to the NBA Finals, the Boston Celtics are working hard to improve their roster and secure banner No. 18.

Along the way, the future of one of their own has been questioned by experts around the league. According to sources, the Celtics have officially joined the Kevin Durant sweepstakes and made an offer to the Nets that included two-way swingman, Jaylen Brown.

"The Boston Celtics recently offered a package around one-time All-Star Jaylen Brown for Durant and have emerged as a real threat to acquire Durant, league sources tell The Athletic. "The Celtics offered Brown, guard Derrick White and a draft pick to the Nets for Durant, sources said. The proposal was rejected, and Brooklyn has asked Boston — in any proposal — to include Brown, Defensive Player of the Year Marcus Smart, draft picks and potentially one more rotation player, those sources added. Currently, the Celtics are less inclined to include Smart along with multiple other player or pick assets, but the franchise is mulling over next steps on how to approach discussions.

But according to Al Horford's brother, Josh, the report is far from the truth. In a series of recent posts on Twitter, he urged Celtics fans not to believe the latest noise coming out of Boston.

"Y’all are confidently trusting the same sources that said the Celtics had a huge team argument early in the season when they were really just having a normal team breakfast lmao"

"Brad just said JB was untouchable a few months ago lol relax"

Jaylen Brown has long been thought to be a crucial member of Boston's core. As a young and developing two-way star, he hasn't even reached his full potential yet.

He has played admirably alongside Tatum, even stepping in the 2022 playoffs to lead Boston's Finals run. But Jaylen is no KD, and everything that Jaylen does, Durant can do better.

So while the Celtics would prefer not to deal their young franchise cornerstone, exceptions are made when a player like Kevin Durant is on the table. Either way, we will find out before too long just how much the Celtic value Mr. Brown in the coming days and weeks of this NBA offseason.