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Al Horford's Sister Says She'd Marry Jaylen Brown, F–k Jayson Tatum In Now-Deleted Tweet

Al Horford Sister Says She'd Marry Jaylen Brown, F–k Jayson Tatum In Now-Deleted Tweet

Al Horford's sister, Anna, recently made some noise around NBA Twitter when she played the famous 'marry, f**k, kill' game. Horford, an outspoken figure on the mean streets of Twitter, joined a little game when somebody dropped three names to pick. 

Three members of the Boston Celtics were selected as part of the game, star duo Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, as well as head coach Ime Udoka. Horford clarified she only did it because there was no other choice, killing Udoka and staying with Brown and Tatum. 

"Only because I HAVE to choose... Marry Jaylen, f*ck Tatum, kill Ime."

Things quickly got out of control and Anna decided to delete the tweet, explaining men were responsible for that. 

“Had to delete the “marry, f*ck, kill” tweet. Men hate women. This is why we can’t have nice things.”

Moreover, she talked about her marriage, stating that her husband read the tweet and thought it was funny, calling out the folks who criticized her for talking about other men on social media. 

I’m married, yes! My husband is an extremely secure Englishman who thought the tweet was funny 🤷🏽‍♀️ & that’s how you bag a bad bitch.

Awww some of these men are so insecure. Centuries of being in charge & a strong, funny, independent woman comes along & has you losing your god damn minds 😂

Oh nooo a grown woman speaking openly about sex & sharing lighthearted opinions!! **gasp** How horrifying. Lmao chill guys.

Anna is known for being outspoken on social media. She constantly went at it with Philadelphia 76ers fans during his brother's stay in the City of Brotherly Love. Now Al is back in Boston, but Anna's relationship with some fans hasn't changed. 

Do not mess with this girl, as she will get back at you and hurt you if you're not nice. Anna is happily married, Brown and Tatum are trying to lead the Celtics to be competitive again, and this game shouldn't be more than that.