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Alex Caruso Comments On His "Crazy" Fanbase

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

Alex Caruso is certainly not a name that would stand out on an NBA roster, especially one that includes names like LeBron James and Anthony Davis. But for the Lakers and their community, Caruso has become a favorite among the players in Los Angeles.

In a chat with Bleacher Report's Leo Sepkowitz, the 25-year-old point guard spoke about his new-found fame.

"It hasn't stopped," he says. "I get a couple tweets a day, where it's like, 'You're the GOAT!' Or, 'Carus-god,' or something crazy."

"I'm not Hollywood," Caruso says, seated for lunch in Manhattan Beach, wearing workout clothes and a trucker hat. He lives down the street and picked this neighborhood because "it's the opposite of L.A: quiet, easygoing."

"I think it's the way I play—every game I go out there and play as hard as I can, and I think people appreciate that," he says. "Then it's the fact I look like I could be a common person walking on the street. They all want to hold onto like, 'Hey, that's one of us out there doing it,' which is funny because I feel like I'm a normal person. I walk around and I don't feel like I'm 6'5", I don't feel like I'm this guy that plays for the Lakers. But it's the reality of it."

Fans have gravitated towards Caruso and his humility since he first arrived in L.A. back in 2017.

Though his numbers are modest at best, his team-first attitude and hard work ethic have made him the perfect fit for his team. He plays his role, plays it well, and does not demand a higher form of compensation.

It will be interesting to see how much he will help the Lakers this upcoming season.