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Alex Caruso Is Excited About The Chicago Bulls' Chances Next Season: "I Know How Good We Can Be On An Average Night And I'm Excited To See How Good We Can Be On Our Best Night."

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The Chicago Bulls recently got Zach LaVine to commit to a long-term deal with the team, and the future is looking interesting for the franchise. When the Bulls were healthy in the 2021-22 season, they were challenging for the top seed in the Eastern Conference, but injuries to Alex Caruso and Lonzo Ball ended their hopes of making a deep playoff run.

But now they are getting their key players back and might not be done making moves either, which could make Chicago a dangerous prospect in the East. If DeMar DeRozan can continue playing at an elite level, they are sure to be near the top again, and Alex Caruso, for one, seemed quite excited and optimistic about it on the Bulls Talk Podcast.

“When we have our guys on the court, we’re a really good team,” Caruso said. “I think that’s anybody in the league. Any team that expects to be in the playoffs and play deep in the postseason, you take away two of your top players and then a couple others, one playing on 50 percent, the team is not going to be as good as it could be.

“So for me, I just know the continuity, and I remember the chemistry we had early in the year when we were just playing off basically off talent. We hadn’t even developed some type of team character, you know, identity yet. 

"We hadn’t even got into people trying to switch coverages and do stuff to us that was out of the norm. So I know how good we can be on an average night, and I’m really excited to see how good we can be on our best night.”

Caruso has every reason to be feeling this way. The Bulls will feel that their roster can take on the heavyweights in the Eastern Conference. With Atlanta acquiring Dejounte Murray and Khris Middleton coming back for the Bucks, though, it won't be an easy task in the slightest.