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Alex Caruso: 'LeBron James Is A Great Teammate And Good Person, I Don’t Think He Gets Enough Credit For That.'

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Alex Caruso has defended his teammate LeBron James, saying he’s great even beyond the basketball court. Caruso praised James for his quality as a teammate and a person, during an interview with Evan Daniels of CBS Sports.

“Yeah great teammate first and foremost. Good person,” Caruso said about James.

“I don’t think he gets enough credit for that. You know, everybody likes to analyze his basketball game so much and there’s a lot to analyze cuz he’s really good, but he’s a heck of a teammate, great person, just one of the guys.”

Bron is one of the best basketball players of all time, and he’s set to keep increasing his legend, but that’s not the biggest thing about him. He’s been very outspoken about social issues, helping young students to have a future with his programs while everybody who plays with him praises him and more.

He’s great on the court, but there is no doubt that Bron tries to be even better when he’s not playing. Everybody knows about his feats as a player, but for Caruso, he doesn’t get the credit he deserves for the thing he does when he’s not delighting the public.

This year the Lakers were just great, beating their two biggest rivals for the title, the Bucks and Clippers, with James averaging 25.7 points, 7.9 rebounds and 10.6 assists for the Purple and Gold. Caruso was helping the team, as well, with Frank Vogel even admitting he considered the 26-year-old the X factor in the squad.