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Alex Caruso Vows To Dap Up Rihanna "For The Culture" At The Next Lakers Game

Alex Caruso Vows To Dap Up Rihanna "For The Culture" At The Next Lakers Game

Alex Caruso may not be L.A.'s best player, but he's certainly one of the most beloved. Not only is his game inspiring, but it has been him at the center of one of the biggest mysteries to circulate NBA twitter: does he have a thing with Rihanna?

Obviously it's a question we'll likely never get answered and all this talk is more of a joke than anything. But it did become a bit real in one of his most recent episodes of “The LiucciCast," when he was essentially dared to dap her up next time she came to a game.

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

AC: “Anytime you’re with LeBron in a public place, like... I’ve dapped up 2 Chainz on the side. I was doing stretches and I went up and dapped up 2 Chainz because I’ve seen him three or four times now because he loves LeBron and he loves the team. He’s like ‘hey man, you’ve got some game’ and I’m like ‘preciate it, bro!’ The L.A. factor mixed with the LeBron factor, like everywhere we’ve gone this year, it’s the biggest game of that person’s (season)... Like when we went to Atlanta, you could name like 10 different Atlanta rappers who were there that ranged from like current day people, to like Ludacris and people like that... Everywhere we go it’s celebrities left and right that want to see us play. I step onto the court and I’ve got certain people watching me and I’m like ‘oh, this is pretty cool.’”

But you did not dap up Rihanna, which is my favorite Caruso gif, even with all the dunks, you didn’t dap her up, that would have been the highest-risk, highest-reward move of your career and I dare you to do it if she’s there. Because if she leaves you hanging, it’s a forever one...

AC: “It is, but that would be kind of funny at the same time.”

Either way you win!

AC: "If it happens again, I’ll try to make something happen, I’ll go over and try and dap her up. For the culture.”

So, it looks like Caruso might actually meet Rihanna for real one of these days. That one's on you, Twitter. As for whatever happens after Caruso tells her "for the culture," we'll just have to wait and see.

For now, Alex will have to go back to what he does best: inspiring Lakers Nation.