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Alex Martins: Orlando Magic will win the NBA Champioship by 2030

Alex Martins CEO

Magic CEO Alex Martins has a big statement that Orlando Magic will be the NBA Champions in the next 14 years.

“I certainly believe by 2030 we will have won at least one championship,” Martins said. “And I say ‘at least.’ I firmly believe we’re going to get there and once you get there, you got the kind of team that hopefully can come back. I believe we will have won a championship.”

Someone could say - yeah, it's very easy statement, it's possible for the Magic to win the NBA title by 2030, but when you check their history and history of other teams as well, you can see how hard is to win the NBA Championship.

Orlando Magic played 28 years in the NBA and they have only 2 NBA Finals. The last one was with Dwight Howard 8 years ago, but they lost against Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant 4-1.

The Magic didn't play playoffs last 4 years, and they are not amongst the top 8 teams in the Eastern Conference right now.

The biggest problem is because they don't have a superstar and they even didn't try to rebuild the roster from the zero.

Before this season they traded Victor Oladipo and now they have only Aaron Gordon and Nikola Vucevic. They are not even enough for the 8th place in the East.

Orlando Magic never won an NBA title and they are the part of this group: Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Clippers, Utah Jazz, Denver Nuggets, Brooklyn Nets, Indiana Pacers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Charlotte Hornets, Memphis Grizzlies, Toronto Raptors and New Orleans Pelicans. What 12 teams have in common? They never won an NBA Championship.

Maybe the smartest move for the Magic could be if they trade Serge Ibaka, Nikola Vucevic and Aaron Gordon for the draft picks and they can finally start to rebuild a roster

Nothing is impossible and we don't know what will happen in the next 14 years, but Orlando Magic in the last 27 years didn't win an NBA title and now they have a goal - to became a champion by 2030.


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