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Alex Rodriguez' Hilarious Response To Anthony Edwards Saying He Doesn't Know Him: "Hi Anthony. I'm Alex!"

(via The New York Times)

(via The New York Times)

Most people would try to get on their boss' good side. They'd laugh at their jokes, try to ask how their weekend went, and just try to get along with him.

Then again, Anthony Edwards is not like most people. The first overall pick of this year's draft didn't hesitate to let everybody know that he had no clue as to who was about to buy the team he plays for:

"I don't know who that is. I know he's going to be the owner. But I don't know anything about baseball," the prized rookie said when asked about his thoughts on Major League Baseball legend Alex Rodriguez buying the Minnesota Timberwolves.

A-Rod, however, didn't take those comments in a bad way. Instead, he wasted no time and wanted to introduce himself to his more valuable asset the best way young people know how: Via Instagram Stories:

Rodriguez and Edwards exchanged their greetings on social media and are now formally acquaintances, and something tells me that they'll get along just fine for the next couple of years.

For those who are not into baseball, Alex Rodriguez was one of the deadliest sluggers of the past couple of decades. He's a World Series champion and a 3-time American League MVP, although his career was stained by multiple PED scandals.

Also, he was recently engaged to Jennifer Lopez and pretty close to buying the New York Mets, which is probably why he turned his attention towards the Timberwolves instead.