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Allen Iverson Names His All-Time Starting 5


Honestly, it's always interesting to hear about NBA greats from the guys who played against them. Not only do they know a good player when they see it, but they've played against a lot of these legends before.

In this case, it happens to be Philadelphia basketball icon Allen Iverson making the judgment, so it's all the more intriguing. He recently gave his All-Time starting 5 in a piece with the Players' Tribune, and it's a pretty hard list to argue against.

(PG) Steph Curry
(SG) Michael Jordan
(SG) Kobe Bryant
(F) LeBron James
(C) Shaquille O'Neal

The most unexpected name has got to be Steph Curry. It's rare when an NBA legend pays respects to Curry and his new-school style of play like that. Kobe Bryant is another name most people wouldn't include. But he and Iverson do share a similar mindset and playstyle, so there's definitely a lot of similarities in their games. The rest are pretty obvious and are names mostly everyone has on their lists.

The question now, is do you agree? What did A.I. get wrong? What did he get right? Nobody can agree on all the names in a topic such as this, but he definitely fares pretty well in my book.