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Allen Iverson Says Vince Carter Is A Top-Five Dancer In The World

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Vince Carter is an 8x All-Star, 2x All-NBA player, and one of the best dunkers the world has ever seen. According to Allen Iverson, he's also one heck of a dancer.

VC's hidden talent was recently revealed in a chat Iverson had with GQ Magazine.

Vince Carter just retired after 22 seasons in the league. You guys had some great battles back in the day.

A.I.: Some of them, I was on the bad end of them. [Laughs.] We had so many battles, but I just love Vince Carter—the person, even more than the basketball player. Just a great talent, a great gift to the world, a blessing to the fans. It was an honor to be able to compete with him and to know him off the court.

When you think of those off-the-court moments, does anything stick out?

A.I.: Yeah. That he can dance his ass off. [Laughs.]


A.I.: Yes. I mean, he's like super incredible. I don’t know if too many people know it, but the guys and the females that know Vince—know him personally—know that he’s like a top-five dancer in the whole world.

What kind of moves are we talking about here?

A.I.: Dude. Any dance in any style, he can do it. Whatever the young kids can do, whatever the fad is, Vince can do it.

So we gotta get Vince on TikTok, then.

A.I.: Oh yeah, I’m telling you, man. This ain’t no bullshit. He’s incredible.

We scoured the internet for any evidence to support Iverson's bold claim. A quick Google search uncovered this Nike commercial from 2002...

Choreographed or not, Vince looks pretty good here. And just think: if this was taped in 2002, that means he's had 18 years to work on his moves.

Call it a hunch, but it seems safe to assume Carter is a pretty good dancer. Hopefully, he'll show us himself soon now that he's retired from the game.