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Allen Iverson Shares Heartfelt Post Remembering Kobe Bryant

(via NJ)

(via NJ)

Allen Iverson, just like the rest of us, doesn't forget Kobe Bryant and his legacy both on and off the court. The Philadelphia 76ers legend remembers Kobe every time he can and recently he shared a big post for Kobe, reminding everybody of his rivalry and friendship with the Los Angeles Lakers legend.

"Me & the ONE!!!" Iverson captioned the pic where he appears with Kobe, both with their hands on the hips.

The respect between them was big. AI played against Kobe in the NBA Finals and whenever they go it, you know it was going to be a great duel. After they retired from the game, Kobe and Iverson sent messages to one another, demonstrating that their relationship transcended basketball. Before Kobe played his last game in Philadelphia, the Lakers icon paid respect to AI, who was selected in the same draft as him. Kobe couldn't describe Iverson better.

"Oh my God, he was relentless," Bryant said of Iverson. "A lot of players, for better or worse, think that the pen (reporters) have is actually a sword. So criticism that you write about them actually affects their game, and you'll see players a lot of times become very self-conscious and back away aggressiveness."Allen ... that was not a problem for him. He was attack, attack, attack. He attacked from the beginning of the game to the end of the game."

When Kobe retired, Iverson didn't forget to send a message to the legend, paying respect for having a terrific career.

The relationship between these two was great. They were big competitors but also had the utmost respect for each other and that's all that matters.