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Allen Iverson Shares His All-Time Top 5

(via ClutchPoints)

(via ClutchPoints)

The Answer recently gave his NBA All-Time starting 5 to Complex Sports, and it has caught a lot of attention online.

The list, in no particular order, includes Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, LeBron James, Shaquille O'Neal, and Kobe Bryant -- all guys he has played against at some point during his 17-year career.

The segment was part of a larger interview conducted by Complex. The full video is expected to release soon.

Going back to Iverson's selections, they aren't actually all that surprising. Not only are these guys some of the best players in basketball history, but they're also the most impactful. Shaq is the last truly dominant center the world has seen and was in a class all on his own.

Kobe and MJ changed the legacy of their respective franchises forever and put on an individual show that has yet to be matched by anyone since.

As for LeBron and Steph, they are the faces of the current generation and have dominated the past 10 years in the NBA.

But what do you think? Did A.I. get it right, or is he missing some key superstars? You be the judge.