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Allen Iverson Uploaded A Photo With Louis Farrakhan On IG

Allen Iverson Uploaded A Photo With Louis Farrakhan On IG

Allen Iverson has found himself immersed in some controversy after he posted a curious picture on his Instagram profile. The Philadelphia 76ers legend shared a picture of himself with Louis Farrakhan. This name has been famous in the world of sports recently given Farrakhan's ties with professional athletes.

He's the leader of the Nation of Islam, an organization labeled as 'anti-semite' and a hate group. Farrakhan's name got big in the sports scene when NFL wide receiver DeSean Jackson shared a picture of the minister. Kevin Durant liked that picture and Stephen Jackson supported DeSean's for his action, quoting phrases attacking Jewish people.

Now, AI is the one sharing photos with the polemic minister. He took to IG to post the picture, captioning it with 'I didn’t choose to be black, I just got lucky!!! #BucketListMoment #LoveConquersHate #GoodDefeatsEvil'.

While some people were glad about AI's picture, stating they'd love to meet Mr. Farrakhan, others criticized Iverson for the picture, how it supported Farrakhan and gave him credibility and platform.

This wasn't the best time for the pic, this minister isn't the most beloved person in the US and given all the racial tension in the country, it was an unfortunate moment to upload it. Still, the Answer feels proud about his decision and he doesn't seem to be deleting the pic anytime soon.