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Amar'e Stoudemire Says The 2022 NBA Championship Would Be The Most Important Title For Stephen Curry: "The Battle Of Coming Back To This Moment, Playing Without Kevin Durant... Klay Being Injured..."

Stephen Curry's Legendary Three-Pointer Streak Comes To An End After 4 Years

Stephen Curry keeps competing at the highest level, taking his Golden State Warriors to the NBA Finals for the first time in three years. The Dubs are just one win away from winning their 7th NBA championship and the 4th in seven years. Curry has a big opportunity to become a Finals MVP, which will take his legacy to the next level. 

If the Warriors win it all this season and Steph takes the elusive award home, many people think he'll become a top-10 player of all time. While others strongly disagree with that notion, the rest thinks that simply winning this title will validate Curry more than people believe. 

Former player-turned-analyst Amar'e Stoudemire recently explained why this championship would be the most important in Steph's career. The Phoenix Suns icon says that after parting ways with Kevin Durant and playing without Klay by his side, Curry has worked hard to be here and this title will mean more than the prior ones (6:00). 

"I think so, I just think the battle of coming back to this moment, playing without Kevin Durant, kind of somewhat rebuilding and restructuring your team, bringing in Andrew Wiggins, guys been injured having a frustrated situation with Klay being injured, that was tough to deal with, and now to see those guys back into the NBA Finals and Steph Curry playing at a high level, like you say, he's in his prime, and he looks like he is you know what I'm saying..."

Curry has a big chance to add more honors to his resume. The veteran point guard is aiming to win his 4th title and first Finals MVP to close a season where he played like an MVP candidate at the beginning, then his level decreased, and injuries bothered him. However, he's here now, one win away from his 4th NBA championship.