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An Original Pair Of Jordan 1s Sold For A Record Price On Ebay

An Original Pair Of Jordan 1s Sold For A Record Price On Ebay

Jordan sneakers have had a major impact on sports and culture. Since the release of the Jordan I in 1984, the company has thrived in making the greatest basketball shoes known to man.

According to Darren Rovell of the Action Networth a pair of Jordan I’s sold for $10,099 on eBay which is a record for the Jordan 1s. The pair was an original from the 1985 release, which caused its high price.

The Jordan sneaker became one of the biggest sneaker brands on earth after the success of Michael Jordan and his ability to construct heavenly basketball shoes. The shoes are perfect for basketball and deliver the best basketball movement, grip, and flexibility needed to make moves on the court.

The company is making Jordan I’s all the time. In fact, Jordan I’s are available on every store shelf and online store. However, those shoes would be from a 2019 release date. The Jordan I’s that sold for $10,099 on eBay were the original shoes from the 1985 release date.

It’s always crazy when someone spends $10,000 on a shoe, but Jordan shoes have amazing resell prices if the shoe is kept in good condition. Jordan shoe enthusiasts make a business out of collecting and reselling Jordan shoes. This Jordan shoe right here is about as good as it gets.