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Analyst Says Bronny James Is Likely To Go To College For Basketball, Reveals UCLA And USC Are Among Teams Pursuing Him

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bronny james

Bronny James is the son of Lakers superstar LeBron James, and he is currently viewed as one of the best high school prospects in the country. There is a solid chance that he could end up in the NBA.

Generally, prospects have a few ways to make it into the league. They cannot enter the league straight out of high school, so they have to spend a year playing basketball elsewhere. The most common option is spending a year in college, but we've also seen players spend a year overseas or with the G-League Ignite. It seems as though Bronny James will be going to college, with teams such as UCLA and USC interested in recruiting him for their basketball programs. Paul Biancardi of ESPN relayed the news.

Although it's still relatively early in the recruiting process, there is a strong feeling he will take the college route as opposed to the G League Ignite or other developmental leagues. He is being pursued by the likes of UCLA, USC, Michigan, Ohio State and Oregon, among others.

According to NBA veteran Thaddeus Young, James is "solid as hell" but not quite "the elite of the elite". Perhaps the year in college could be useful for Bronny James in terms of refining his game and getting to the next level.

“He’s solid as hell,” said Thaddeus Young, who just finished his 15th N.B.A. season and sponsored a team that played Strive for Greatness, an assessment that was largely echoed by college coaches and N.B.A. scouts. “Obviously, probably not the elite of the elite. But he’s athletic, he’s strong, he plays defense, he can shoot the ball well, he can run the point guard position, he can play off ball.”

“I love his game,” Young added.

It remains to be seen how well Bronny James will do in college and which program he decides to commit to. Of course, he could still end up changing his mind and taking another route to make the NBA.

Hopefully, we see Bronny James thrive wherever he ends up. While he might not become a star in the NBA, he definitely has the potential to become a solid player and have a long career in the league.