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Andre Drummond: "I Don’t Have An Issue With Giving Up Certain Aspects Of My Game For The Better Of The Team."



Andre Drummond's arrival in L.A. has been seen as a major blessing for the Lakers. Amid injuries to several key players, on top of an already thin lineup at the center position, the Purple and Gold needed a guy like Andre, who could grab rebounds, protect the paint, and score easy buckets under the rim.

Still, the question surrounding Drummond was if he was willing to sacrifice his role for the betterment of the team. But after the Lakers' big win against Brooklyn on Saturday, he put those concerns to bed, telling the world what he was willing to do to help this team capture another title...

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

“I know what the main focus is, which is to win a championship. So sacrifices will be made, and that’s something I’m comfortable with.

I don’t have an issue with giving up certain aspects of my game for the better of the team, or what’s best for the team. And I’m in a great situation right now where I can showcase myself in a different light,” Drummond told reporters.

After years of being featured as a frontline star in Detroit, and then (for a short time) in Cleveland, Drummond is someone used to being under the spotlight.

With the Lakers, however, he's just another wheel in the system, and will have to get used to being a "background character" behind the two major stars. Fortunately for him, and his team, he seems more than willing to embrace that new reality.