Andre Drummond On Joining The Los Angeles Lakers: "I'm Not Here To Do Anything Besides Win."

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Credit: USA Sports Today

Credit: USA Sports Today

Andre Drummond is a center who hasn't had the luck of playing for a franchise that can consistently win during his entire career. Drummond is a multiple-time rebounding champion and a two-time All-Star: he provides a lot of defensive value to the Lakers and will be able to play crucial minutes while Anthony Davis and LeBron James are out. Andre Drummond was an elite acquisition, especially considering the fact that the Lakers didn't need to send out assets to acquire him.

Recently, Andre Drummond has stated his goal for playing with the Lakers. As with most athletes, Andre Drummond wants to win. So far, Andre Drummond's teams during his career weren't exactly world-beaters, and this is a good opportunity for the veteran center.

Andre Drummond wants to compete in the postseason and win at the highest level. Most athletes are competitors, and there's no wonder that Drummond had the desire to win after losing for most of his career. Alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis, he may finally get the chance to compete deep into the playoffs. The Lakers offered Drummond a great opportunity to win, and it is clear that winning is what drove his decision to go to Los Angeles.