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Andre Drummond On LeBron James Return: "I Don't Think My Brain Can Process What Type Of Opportunities That Will Come With Him Being On The Court."

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(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

LeBron James is a player that makes the game easier for his teammates. James' ability to make plays for his teammates is a key part of his game. LeBron James being a scoring threat also opens things up for his teammates. Simply put, having LeBron on the court means that you'll likely get far more open looks.

When LeBron James comes back, the Los Angeles Lakers will look to build some chemistry prior to the playoffs. James will be key to their plans, and he'll have to build a rapport with newly acquired star big man, Andre Drummond. While sometimes chemistry takes time to build, Andre Drummond doesn't seem to be worried. Andre Drummond has jokingly said that his brain "can't process" the looks he'll get with LeBron James on the court.

You know what? I don't think my brain can process what type of opportunities will come from him being on the court. Right now we can't control him not being in there... but depending on when he does come, I'm sure great things will happen for everybody.

Andre Drummond has been the main option on the Detroit Pistons for the majority of his career, and having LeBron James back will take off a lot of offensive pressure from him. LeBron James is a superstar that could potentially get the best out of Andre Drummond, and make the game much simpler for him. While LeBron James is still some time away from returning, the Lakers' will be in good shape when he does.