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Andre Drummond Praises His Los Angeles Lakers Teammates: "We Have A Lot Of Guys In This Locker Room That Are Very Tough."

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via AP

via AP

Andre Drummond has only recently signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, but he is already fitting in perfectly. Andre Drummond was instrumental in the recent Lakers win against the Brooklyn Nets, putting up 20 points and 11 rebounds. Drummond dominated inside, and there was no player on the Brooklyn Nets that looked like they could stop him.

Despite Drummond's great night, it is clear that this was a team effort. Everyone stepped up in the absence of Anthony Davis and LeBron James, and the Lakers got a team win against a potential Finals matchup. While the Brooklyn Nets weren't fully healthy, this was still a good win for a squad that is figuring out how to play without their two superstars. After the game, Andre Drummond praised his teammates and suggested there were a lot of tough players on their team.

The Lakers' locker room is full of guys who won a championship just last season: even without their superstars, the team can certainly hold their own against any opponent. Andre Drummond enters a locker room full of winners, and he could potentially help them win two in a row. These Lakers are a dangerous team, and they'll only get better once LeBron James and Anthony Davis return.