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Andre Drummond Reacts To Lakers Trade Rumors

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

Whether by trade or buyout, it seems inevitable that star big man Andre Drummond will be leaving the Cavs before the end of the season.

Naturally, the Lakers are being considered the biggest suitors for Dre, and some even speculate that it's already a foregone conclusion he'll be donning the Purple and Gold.

Interestingly enough, however, Drummond himself reacted to the news, pretty much dispelling the idea that he's heading to L.A.

Heading to the Lakers does make a lot of sense for Dre. As a team on the verge of title contention, they have lacked a traditional rim protector all season long. Drummond would be perfect in filling that role for a legendary franchise -- and could even help them win a Championship. Evidently, though, it doesn't seem to be something that Drummond wants to do. For whatever reason, he has rejected the idea of hopping onto the Lakeshow bandwagon. Of course, it could also be him trolling us all. In the comments, all sorts of reactions were being spouted by the fans...

Only time will tell where Drummond ends up. Until then, though, we can expect more speculation and rumor from the NBA community.