Andre Iguodala Asked: Who's Tougher To Guard, Kawhi Leonard Or LeBron James? "Kobe Bryant"

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Andre Iguodala Asked: Who's Tougher To Guard, Kawhi Leonard Or LeBron James? "Kobe Bryant"

The Golden State Warriors’ star Andre Iguodala has been making some headlines in recent times, being a recurrent name in the media promoting his new book. He’s been recently discussing the way the Warriors have been dealing with their players’ injuries in the last couple of seasons and what he thinks is going to happen with his teammates this upcoming free agency, but Iggy keeps spreading his wisdom and experience every time he gets interviewed.

More recently, the former Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard/small forward had an appearance on CNBC, where he was asked about two of the biggest stars in the association right now, LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard, and which of those two was the hardest to guard for him.

Truth to his style, the veteran showed his respect for both these players and had nothing but good words towards the King, but ultimately he chose a different player as the hardest one he had to guard in his career.

“LeBron is able to take his teammates to another level in terms of their play, he enhances all of his teammates like no other player I’ve ever seen. LeBron is able to do that and get 30 points, which makes him scary, but overall, Kobe Bryant is the hardest I've ever guarded.”

There you go, one of the best defenders in the association at this moment, one guy who has been named twice to the NBA All-Defensive team and that won an NBA Finals MVP thanks to the way he guarded LeBron James a couple of seasons ago, has picked Kobe Bryant as the hardest guy he’s ever had to guard.

This is a player who’s been around for quite some time and has faced several opponents throughout his successful career, so he must have a more than valid opinion on this matter.