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Andre Iguodala Explains The Similarities Between Tyler Herro And Stephen Curry

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Tyler Herro is taking the league by storm. It was pretty clear that he was a special talent even when he slipped to the bottom of the lottery but no one ever saw him stepping up the way he's done it in the playoffs.

Herro has shown a feel for knocking down big shots. He's second in his team in assists per game in the playoffs and has proven a willingness to stay in front of players in the defensive end, even if his defense is still a work in progress, to say the least.

The UK product has turned a lot of heads throughout his rookie season. That's why Andre Iguodala, who also played with Stephen Curry in the Golden State Warriors, acknowledged that there are a couple of similarities between the sharpshooters:

“I won’t compare them. But they definitely have … I’m trying for the right word. The way they can handle the ball and get into their shots, Tyler shows some resemblances there. I’m not saying they’re the same. But there are some resemblances in that he can get to his shot pocket off the dribble and off the shoot and catch, which is rare — that guys have both of those features in their games," Iguodala said, as quoted by Essentially Sports.

Herro is nowhere near Curry in terms of shooting but he can definitely get there. I mean, the young guy is efficient from all three levels and, as Andre said, it seems like he always finds the way to get to his spots and knock down shots.

The Miami Heat truly found a gem in Herro and they'll be wise to hold on to him for the long run even if they have the chance to trade him for an All-Star. Attitude wise, he's not your ordinary rookie. That's for sure.