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Andre Iguodala On Free Agency Of Kevin Durant And Klay Thompson: 'Nobody's Going To The Knicks'

(via Yahoo Sports)

(via Yahoo Sports)

The greatest threat to the Warriors dynasty was always themselves.

After years of dominance, the Warriors seem poised to finally fold under the circumstances of the time. Injuries, money and increased competition have taken its toll on the team -- and they might lose some of their stars as a result.

Or, so, that is what we are being led to believe. If you ask Warriors' veteran Andre Iguodala the fate of his free agent teammates this summer, he was quick to denote the idea of either heading to New York.

It is important to note that while Iggy knows these guys personally and better than most, even he admitted he does not know for certain.

Klay Thompson was never really viewed as likely to leave anyway. Even under the devastating realities of his injury, and the Warriors' future, he has grown a special bond with the city and team that will probably be the driving force behind his decision to re-sign this summer.

Kevin Durant, however, is an entirely different story. Even before the Finals, his departure was expected by many within the league. Now, after the shaky nature of his Achilles tear, there is an apparent doubt from KD and his camp about how the team treated his injury at the time.

It will be a guessing game until the end but do not be particularly surprised if they both end up staying put. Dre did call it, after all!