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Andre Iguodala On If He'd Rather Play For Lakers Or Clippers: “It’s Picking Your Poison."

(via Uproxx)

(via Uproxx)

With about half of the season in the rearview mirror, the West is (unsurprisingly) ruled by two teams: the Lakers and Clippers.

Loaded with depth, star-power, and brilliant coaching minds, it's almost inarguable that these teams are in the best potion to compete for the title this spring. As a result, it's these teams who have been most connected to Andre Iguodala as he awaits his exit from Memphis.

As a 15-year NBA veteran and 3x Champion, Iggy is the type of player that could help any roster. For either L.A. team, his role as a two-way wing and tone-setter would prove extremely valuable.

In a recent appearance on First Take, when asked outright which franchise he'd rather join this season, Iggy didn't exactly give an answer. Instead, he broke down each team by identifying their strengths and detailing how one might find success in either setting.

“It’s picking your poison. I mean, you know, in terms of you having the poison and you being able to shoot that whichever way you want against your opponent.”

Dre is obviously playing it smart here -- and he should. Despite his departure from the Grizzlies being inevitable at this point, he seems undecided on where he will go next.

With LeBron and Anthony Davis, the Lakers are going hoping Iguodala can add wing depth, ball-handling, and Championship experience. As Iggy points out, they are deep and rich with talent -- but is it enough to best their rivals?

The Clippers, meanwhile, would be a perfect fit with Andre's 3-and-D playstyle. They have, arguably, the most star-power in the league, but can their role-players carry the load when they need to?

The 2015 Finals MVP wants a Championship, and he will have to pick his poison between the two L.A. rivals.It'll be interesting to witness where he ends up.