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Andre Iguodala Says His Leg Fracture In Last Year's Playoffs Was Misdiagnosed As A Bone Bruise

(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

The fingers of blame were pointed in all sorts of directions when Kevin Durant suffered his devastating Achilles injury in the Finals. Although it is true that no singular party is wholly responsible, some new evidence has surfaced to indicate the Warriors need to re-evaluate their medical techniques.

In a chat with The Breakfast Club, Andre Iguodala revealed that the team misdiagnosed a fractured leg last year in the playoffs as a "bone bruise."

In the same breath, he mentions the pressures he felt during that time, with teammates, fans, and the organization bringing pressure on him (whether purposely or not) to return to the floor.

The point is, there is a history here of the Warriors mishandling serious injury concerns for the sake of getting their player out there in important games. The Warriors are not the only organization to do this, and they will not be the last. But, perhaps more than anyone, they are seeing the consequences of pushing their players' bodies.

Expect this to be on Kevin Durant's mind as he considers where he will play next after a long and strenuous rehab process.