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Andre Iguodala Will Reportedly Sit The Rest of The Season If Grizzlies Do Not Trade Him By Thursday

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

3x NBA Champion Andre Iguodala has yet to play this season after getting taded to Memphis this past summer.

Iggy was a part of the deal that helped pave the way for D'Angelo Russell's arrival in Oakland. Iguodala, who played for the Warriors for six seasons, was a cornerstone of the franchise as a two-way veteran who helped galvanize his team in the locker room and on the floor.

At 36-years-old, Andre is obviously not keen on playing for a team with no chance to win the title. In fact, according to David Aldridge, he is prepared to sit the entire rest of the season if he isn't moved before the deadline.

The Grizzlies have made it known that they will not let Iggy go for nothing. If a team wants him, they'll have to trade for him. Many teams have, reportedly, done their due diligence in the Iguodala sweepstakes, including the Lakers, Clippers, and Rockets. But if none of these teams can put together a suitable package for the 2x All-Defensive player, we may not see him until next season. On Twitter, some of his current Grizzlies teammates have expressed their feelings about Dre's refusal to play for them.

Considering he's getting paid over $17 million this season, it's understandable why folks would have a problem with him just sitting out like this.

But it's unlikely that Iguodala cares about anyone's opinion on it anyway. He'll wait as long as he has to in order to get out of Memphis, even if it means missing an entire season.