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Andrew Bogut Posts Cryptic Tweet Responding To LeBron James’ China Comments

Credit: USA Today Sports

Credit: USA Today Sports

It’s not a secret that LeBron has been the subject of many criticisms for his comments on Daryl Morey and the NBA-China controversy that has been around in the last couple of weeks. Several players took a shot at James and that doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.

One of the players who sent a message to the Los Angeles Lakers star for his position on the subject was Andrew Bogut, who posted a cryptic tweet to call out the future Hall of Famer for the comments on Morey and the timing of a tweet that created a huge controversy between the league and its most revenue-friendly partner.

James’ comments didn’t get many approvals from his colleagues and fans, and Bogut’s reaction wasn’t any different:

“Everyone is for the “cause” until the “cause” costs them $$$$$,” the Australian big man said on Tuesday.

Other players like Enes Kanter and even analysts like Max Kellerman called out the King, who has found himself in the eye of the storm following his claims about Morey.

This whole situation started with a tweet posted by the Houston Rockets general manager that caused the NBA government to pull sponsors and media availabilities for the Lakers’ two games in China, which resulted in several Lakers players missing out endorsement deals as well as several appearances in the Asian country.

LeBron was quiet on the matter during his time in China, but as soon as he landed in the U.S., he didn’t hesitate to speak his mind, stirring the pot once again.