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Andrew Bogut Says Lakers Lied To Him About His Status With The Team

Andrew Bogut

When discussing his short stint with the Lakers last season, Andrew Bogut did not mince words in expressing his frustration and displeasure with the team.

“The Lakers told me I’d be there the whole year,” Bogut told Bay Area News Group. “They went against their word and waived me at the deadline. Whatever. That was their decision. I was basically lied to."

“I took their word for that stupidly,” Bogut said. “It’s part of the business. But it’s disappointing because I have two young kids and all that. I was stupid enough to take their word on something I shouldn’t have.”

When comparing the state of affairs in L.A. to Golden State, Bogut was not impressed.

“It was a young team and the roster was kind of all over the place,” Bogut said. “Now obviously they got LeBron [James] and their own issues they are dealing with. It was definitely an interesting organization to be a part of after coming from Golden State. It’s just different. It’s ran differently.”

Bogut played a total of 24 games for Los Angeles before being cut by the team at the deadline. The 34-year-old center has not been the same since being traded from the Warriors in 2016 and was hoping to resurrect his career with the Lakers.

Essentially, the front-office promised Bogut a permanent fixture on the roster, only to turn around and trade him months later.

This type of behavior can be really damaging to the reputation of an organization, and the Lakers are no stranger to it. They faced heavy criticism for their handling of the Anthony Davis trade talks when they essentially let it slip that they were willing to give up just about everyone on the roster for a 26-year-old star.

This was followed by a report that claimed Paul George made his decision to stay with Oklahoma City in 2018 because of what he had heard about the state of Laker basketball.

Going into the summer of 2019 with big implications, Magic Johnson and the rest of the Laker brass will have a lot to prove before anybody commits to signing there.

Andrew Bogut is just the latest to expose the toxic situation in L.A., but something tells me he will not be the last.