Andrew Wiggins Seemingly Takes A Shot At Karl-Anthony Towns While Talking About Jimmy Butler: "I Feel Like That Was From Certain People That Couldn’t Handle Certain Situations."

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Andrew Wiggins Says He’s Been Rooting For Jimmy Butler’s Miami Heat This Postseason: "I've Been Rooting For Them. Jimmy, He Was A Great Teammate. "

Andrew Wiggins has revealed he's rooting for Jimmy Butler during this 2020 postseason despite reports suggesting there were problems between the Canadian star and the Miami Heat star while they both were part of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Wiggins appeared to take a shot at his former teammate, Karl-Anthony Towns while discussing his time with Jimmy Butler in the Minnesota Timberwolves. It was reported that Wiggins and Towns' mentalities didn't mesh with Butler's and that led to the veteran swingman to demand a trade from Minnesota. However, the Canadian player left no doubt that he was cool with Butler, sending a subtle for KAT.

"I feel like that was from certain people that couldn’t handle certain situations."

He made it clear that Jimmy was nothing but great while he was part of the T-Wolves and Wiggins is rooting for him to win that title next month.

"I've been rooting for them. Jimmy, he was a great teammate. Hell of a competitor," Wiggins said Monday, according to ESPN's Nick Friedell. "What he's brought over there, bringing those guys to the Finals, it's a huge accomplishment. It just shows what he can do."Wiggins added, "Even when he was in Minnesota, everyone forgets we were third in a very packed West before he got hurt. So he was capable and he went to a good team, Miami, and the rest is history."

Butler landed in Minnesota to be the leader of a franchise trying to find better days; with Tom Thibodeau and a group of players that played together in the Chicago Bulls, things seemed to be well on track until they weren't. They went to the playoffs during Butler's first year there but ahead of his second season with the team, he demanded to be traded, going to the Philadelphia 76ers.

He's been a very controversial figure in the league for his personality and the way he leads but there is no doubt that he wasn't the problem. He is now leading a young team to play for the NBA championship and hasn't starred in any controversy in South Beach.

Wiggins says Butler has the best intentions with his style of leading, even though not everybody will agree with his tactics.

"He's a dog ... because what he does, he brings the best out of people," Wiggins said, according to Friedell. "He's going to put that battery in your bag and you're going to go. You can see what he's doing to all the young guys, how all their games are elevated."

Wiggins talks very well about Butler for someone who reportedly had beef with him. If that ever happened, now it's part of the past and Canadians will try to win a championship next year with the Golden State Warriors. As for Butler, if he doesn't win this year, the Heat will be contenders in the East for many years to come.