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Andrew Wiggins Takes Major Jab At Timberwolves Fans


Following Friday night's ugly loss to the Atlanta Hawks, the Timberwolves walked off the floor feeling beaten and dejected. The fans didn't make it any easier. Towards the end of the game, with Andrew Wiggins at the free-throw line, the fans in Minnesota started booing their own player in protest of overall poor performance they paid money to witness.

Clearly, Wiggins didn't like the treatment and called out the fans following the game.

His 16 point, 6 rebound night made him one of the team's highest scorers that game, but he also matched it with 5/14 stroke from the field and 5/12 shooting mark from the free-throw line. He also wasn't really there defensively.

You could make the case that fans should be there for their teams no matter what and that booing does nothing except discourage the players you're supposed to root for. Though, maybe some booing is in order for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Wiggins might not like the boos, and the fans probably didn't enjoy dishing it out, but rather than sulk in his hurt feelings perhaps he should focus more on making the Timberwolves more than a mediocre franchise. Because these types of performances haven't been bound to this season alone.

In fact, almost every campaign on record for this team has been marred by mediocrity and even when the team finds itself with a star, things haven't typically ended well.

Clearly, tensions are brewing for the TWolves. Wherever they go from here, they should probably listen to those boos as a call to action and make some changes before another wasted season blows them by.