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Andrew Wiggins Vows To Improve His Shot Selection This Season

(via Newsweek)

(via Newsweek)

Since being picked first in the 2014 draft, the world is still waiting for Andrew Wiggins' big breakout moment. He has shown flashes, but the young forward has yet to build up a consistent stretch of All-Star caliber basketball.

In fact, his playstyle is often criticized for his poor efficiency and ball-stopping play style. But this season, Wiggins intends to change that narrative.

“People will critique you a lot of times because they think you can do better. You know, so I use that as motivation to be like, ‘yeah you guys are right, I gotta do better.’ So I’m going to keep growing, keep learning, and keep adding to my game,” said Wiggins during the Timberwolves media day, per Fox Sports.

Specifically, he says he will limit where his shots are coming from.

“Just limiting the, you know, the longer two’s and the midrange shots. And trying to get a higher percentage shot, which is a three and a layup,” replied Wiggins in regards to getting more efficient looks.

Much of Wiggins' issues on the offensive end revolve around where he chooses to take his shots. He was a high-volume mid-range shooter, and it cost him.

If he limits those attempts and brings it to the basket more, it should help his efficiency going forward.

As for the Wolves as a team, they are optimistic about their chances. If Wiggins can improve on offense, it will help their chances.