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Anonymous Eastern Conference GM: "I Am Not Sure If Kyrie Will Respect Nash As A Coach"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Steve Nash is the brand new head coach of the Brooklyn Nets and he's ready for the challenge. This will be his first experience coaching an NBA team and Nash could face some troubles during his first year in Brooklyn.

Of course, the hiring came as a surprise for a lot of people, especially after reports suggested the Nets were going to pursue San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich. Well, Nash got the job and now people are wondering how he'll get along with his players, especially with Kyrie Irving, one of the best players on the roster.

Kyrie and Kevin Durant will be the leaders of this team and it's not clear how they'll manage to play together. Everything looks fine on paper but once they start playing the story might change. Kyrie reportedly didn't like Kenny Atkinson, the Nets former coach and that led to his firing a couple of weeks ago.

One anonymous Eastern Conference GM has hinted the possibility that Kyrie could see Nash with the same eyes he saw Atkinson, which would be a problem for the team and the front office.

Via Michael Scott of HoopsHype:

“I like it,” an Eastern Conference general manager told HoopsHype. “I am not sure if Kyrie will respect Nash as a coach, but I think it’s a great hire. I think Steve displays a lot of the attributes, which are important to building a winning culture. He has a great basketball IQ. He’s been around Kerr the past couple of years, and he’ll assemble a great staff. Bird had never coached, and he was one of the best coaches the Pacers ever had. Larry created a winning culture, which resonated with the team.”

Kyrie has been known for his controversies with former teammates and coaches and the Nets hope this won't be another number on his list. Nash is one of the greatest point guards in the history of the league and Kyrie can learn a lot from him.

It remains to be seen what it's going to happen but the picture looks good for the Nets. Healthy players, a new head coach with fresh ideas; it doesn't look like they will have a hard time.