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Anonymous NBA Executive Reveals The Trade Value Of Duncan Robinson

Duncan Robinson

As the Miami Heat angle for a number of high-profile superstars, the value of one of their own has been called into question.

For the past four seasons, young swingman Duncan Robinson has been torching opponents from deep, averaging 11.9 points and 2.9 rebounds per game on 40.6% 3-point shooting.

Robinson has been thrown in a number of trade packages over the years, including for Kevin Durant this summer. And while he remains with the Heat, for now, there is a sense he could be moved... for the right price.

Sean Deveney of revealed where that price currently stands according to one anonymous league executive.

What will it take to get Duncan Robinson from the Miami Heat? Says one league exec: "A first-round pick, no protections." As well as Yurtseven/Strus/Vincent/Martin played, they don't have big trade value, execs say. Miami's got big plans, no assets. Yet, at least.

Of course, experts around the league believe Robinson would be a key piece in any Kevin Durant deal that includes the Heat. He, Herro, and maybe Kyle Lowry would start the foundation of a package.

Sadly, the Nets don't seem very interested:

The Miami Heat currently can trade two of their own first-round draft picks. That number could jump to three if the Heat can strike a deal with the Thunder to change the protections on their 2025 first-round pick (that pick is currently lottery protected, if it doesn’t convey the first year it is unprotected in 2026).

Two first-rounders are likely not enough to land Kevin Durant either, although the Nets are more focused on players and not simply picks. In the case of Durant, the Nets want an All-Star and the buzz from league sources is they are lukewarm on a Herro and Robinson package, even with more picks.

At this time, the Heat don't appear to be a likely landing spot for Durant. They just don't have the assets that the Nets are looking for.

So, Robinson is likely staying around for a while longer, at least until he gets thrown into another package later this season. But at least we know what it will take for the Heat to give him up. Look out for his name to become a big trade target over the next few weeks and months.