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Anonymous NBA Player Says Golden State Could Miss The Playoffs

(via SFGate)

(via SFGate)

The Golden State Warriors are struggling out of the gate with 2 early blowout losses against the Clippers and Thunder. Though the sample size is small, it's clear that the team we're seeing this season is not the same team that won back-to-back Championships in 2017 and 2018.

According to one anonymous NBA player, this team may not even be playoff-worthy.

(via Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated)

“In a text exchange with one NBA player who has suited up against the Warriors this season, I asked how far the five-time NBA Finalist could fall this season. The response: Out of the playoffs. After getting pulverized by the Clippers and Thunder to open the season, Golden State got untracked on Monday with a win over New Orleans. Golden State did surrender 123 points in that game and have not given up fewer than 120-points—120—in any of the three games this season.”

The Warriors will not be competing for a title, but to say they won't even make the playoff after 5-straight trips to the Finals is more than debatable.

They have Steph Curry, they have D'Angelo Russell, and they have Draymond Green. But without Iguodala, Livingston, Durant, and Klay Thompson, they lack much of the depth that kept them so dominant on the floor.

They struggle to stop opposing teams with most of their perimeter defenders gone, and they struggle to find scoring outside of what is produced by Curry and D'Lo. No doubt, it is a rude awakening for Dub Nation.

How will they respond?