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Anonymous Sports Experts On Rudy Gobert Indirectly Causing Sports To Stop: "Rudy Gobert Saved America. He Really Did."

(via Head Topics)

(via Head Topics)

Rudy Gobert is catching a lot of heat for (inadvertently) spreading the Coronavirus. His carelessness in joking around and touching players and equipment may have exposed countless others to the deadly pandemic.

But he also may have (inadvertently) saved thousands. By his actions, and his subsequent positive result for the virus, he effectively shut-down the NBA, which caused a domino effect that led to other sports leagues being shut down around the country.

A high ranking sports executive who went so far as to say that Rudy Gobert might have even "saved America.”

(via The Star)

And then Rudy Gobert, who treated the coronavirus as a joke, tested positive, and sports stopped. It resulted in the most significant public acknowledgment in North America that this was an emergency, that the coronavirus outbreak was real.

“Honestly,” said one sports executive, sounding drained. “Rudy Gobert saved America. He really did.”

It is true that Gobert's story gained national attention. It caused a domino effect that rippled throughout the NBA, the sports world, and America in general.

People woke up, took charge, and started being much more careful about how they proceed in the wake of this pandemic.

So, perhaps we should than Rudy. he properly warned the country of just how easy this thing is to catch and spread.