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Anthony Davis After Blowout Loss: "We Sucked. Nobody Was Interesting In Playing."

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Anthony Davis is really affecting the Pelican’s play, and even he could sense it. After the team’s 118-88 blowout loss to the Orlando Magic, Davis stated that “nobody was interested in playing.”

It was Anthony’s worst game of the season as he finished with three points on 1-9 shooting. His efficiency was down as well as New Orleans was minus-16 with Davis on the floor. The Pelicans seemed to give up as they didn’t even play the 25-year-old phenom in the fourth quarter. Davis didn’t take all the blame though. “We sucked”, he said after the game - in addition to pointing out that no one was interested in laying.

"We sucked," Davis told reporters after the game. "Nobody was interested in playing, is what it looked like."

Why would they be? The Pelicans have no sense of direction - especially after the loud and disgruntled request to be traded by Davis. With their future unclear, players are finding it hard to be motivated to play.

Anthon Davis played only 24 minutes and scored just 3 points (1-9 FG), with 6 rebounds and 3 blocks.

The most ironic part about all this is that the Pelicans are getting a taste of their own medicine. After forcing the Lakers into a similar situation, the Pelicans find themselves in the same shoes. Perhaps it’s karma. After all, the Pelicans strung the Lakers along and caused discourse throughout their team.

Perhaps the Pelicans should have traded him. With Davis off the team, the franchise could begin to focus on the future. However, with Davis lingering, it’s almost as if there’s nothing to play for - no playoffs, no draft pick, and no trades. Completing the trade most definitely would have advanced the Pelicans this season.

Considering the Pelicans current situation, a trade with the Lakers would have gone much better. With the addition of Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, and the likes, the Pelicans could have a jump-start on the following season - where they would have hope to make the playoffs. Nonetheless, with Davis at the helm, there seems to be no positive direction for the dreadful Pelicans.

Davis should take some of the blame. His off-court antics made everyone uncomfortable including multiple franchises. Additionally, his performance against the Magic was dismal. Maybe Davis is having trouble coping as well.