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Anthony Davis Clears Up Chicago Comments, Says He Is "Focused" On Winning A Championship With The Lakers

(via SB Nation)

(via SB Nation)

There was a lot of chatter following Anthony Davis' comments about the Chicago Bulls and his upcoming free agency.

On Monday night, in response to the possibility of playing for the Bulls, Davis said “I mean, I am a free agent next year ... but we will see.” Obviously, for a superstar in Los Angeles just months out from unrestricted free-agency, that comment was dissected like a frog in 5th-grade science class.

Nevertheless, Davis isn't exactly pledging his loyalty to anybody. Today, he elaborated on those initial comments, adding that his focus is with L.A. and trying to earn them their 17th Championship.

That's the textbook answer and, after trading the farm for Davis this past summer, the Lakers are no doubt looking for something more secure.

Currently, the Purple and Gold are among the best teams in the NBA, They rank near the top in all categories and have one of the most efficient lineups in the league. They stand atop the West with a 5-1 record.

While there isn't a reason to think Davis is ready to bounce, one has to wonder where his heart really lies after so much talk about the Bulls.