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Anthony Davis Confirms He And Paul George Once Had Conversations About Teaming Up On The Pacers

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

In an appearance on "All The Smoke" podcast, Paul George revealed that he spoke to Anthony Davis about trying to link up on the Indiana Pacers. According to George, management botched the deal and it would play a huge role in his decision to leave.

In the time since PG uttered those words, the whole thing has kind of been forgotten, and there many who even questioned whether the story was made up.

Interestingly, Anthony Davis himself corroborated George's story in a comment he told reporters on Sunday, pointing out that they had conversations about it before something fell apart on "their end."

"The Paul thing and Indiana, it was a conversation for sure. It kind of just faded away. You know, I'm not sure what happened on their end. He said that management didn't want to do it, whatever. But it was a conversation."

There's hardly a need to make the case that Davis is better off in LA. Despite how good a duo of Davis and George could have been back in the day, there's really no way to be sure it would have resulted in a Championship.

Now, Davis is working towards his second-straight title in just his second season as a Laker and teammate of LeBron James.

As for George, he did finally get the superstar partner he had been hoping for but, even with the two of them, the Clippers have failed to generate any postseason success so far.

It's kind of crazy to think how different things might be now had Indiana ended up pursuing the trade.