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NBA Rumors: Anthony Davis Could Sign 1+1 Deal With The Lakers Because Of LeBron James' Age

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

In the midst of a dominant season by the Lakers, Anthony Davis' upcoming free agency looms over the franchise like a dark rain cloud waiting to pour.

Despite specifically requesting to be traded to L.A., the superstar big man has yet to commit beyond this single season.

The Lakers are still favored to sign him, of course, but there is a belief that his contract this summer could be more of a short-term deal than a 5-year one.

It makes sense that Davis would be cautious in signing a new deal with the Lakeshow. At 35-years-old, there are questions about how much longer LeBron can keep up his elite, superstar level performance.

Without him at full strength, it's unlikely the Lakers can compete at the highest level with their current roster.

What does this all mean? Simply put, Davis wants to win. The Pelicans couldn't offer him the support he needed and he left and if the Lakers fail to do prove they can, Davis will not hesitate to leave them, either.