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Anthony Davis Defends Rajon Rondo After The Lakers Loss: 'He’s A Great Player And A Great Cerebral Player. ... He’s Trying To Make Plays For Others.'

Rajon Rondo Jokes About How Big Anthony Davis Has Gotten In The Offseason: “I Think He’s Been Doing Like Maybe 18 Pushups A Night”

The Los Angeles Lakers lost Game 1 of the WCSF against the Houston Rockets and now they have work to do to improve their level. It's not a surprise that the Rockets won the game, because they're a good team. The thing is the way they smashed the Lakers, dominated them on the offense and took every advantage they had on the defensive end of the floor.

LeBron James had a rough night, scoring only 20 points, going scoreless in the fourth quarter of the game, when the Rockets took over the game.

James wasn't the only player who had a bad game. Rajon Rondo returned from an injury, making his bubble debut last night. He had eight points, three rebounds, and four assists while shooting 3/9 from the field. It wasn't the best night for Rondo, but Anthony Davis made sure to calm things down, defending Rondo and asking fans to give him some time before he returns to his best version.

“He’s a great player and a great cerebral player,” Davis said, via Essentially Sports. “Playing in the game and getting that game conditioning is tough when you haven’t played and then your first game is in the Western semis.”

“It kind of gives Bron a break. He’s trying to make plays for others, be in attack mode and so it gives him a break with Rondo on the floor and letting Bron be that guy who can catch it and just worry about attacking.”

Rondo hadn't played a game since March and giving him 25 minutes in a playoff series after an injury wasn't the best decision for coach Frank Vogel. Still, the Lakers are confident that the point guard will get better by the days, but he needs to hurry. The Rockets already won the first game and the Lakers didn't look so well with Rondo on the floor.