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Anthony Davis Describes The Toughest Part About Being In The NBA

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After 7 years in the NBA, Anthony Davis is left wondering what could've been. Among other problems plaguing the Pelicans right now, a failure to stay healthy has been near the top of their list of problems. DeMarcus, Peyton, Nikola, and Jrue have all struggled to stay healthy, and for Davis, it's his biggest hardship of being in the NBA.

(via Joe Vardon of The Athletic)

Ups and downs. The hardest part is just not knowing how good any of the teams that I’ve played on since I’ve been here can be. We’ve always been hurt. You know last year DeMarcus (Cousins) goes down, star player. Jrue (Holiday) has been battling with injuries. This year we have Elfrid (Payton) was out for a while, Niko (Mirotic) is out. You just don’t know, if everyone stays healthy for at least 10 games together how good we can be. Just imagine if we had DeMarcus through the whole thing last year. We think we coulda won it all. The frustrating part is, you just don’t know how good your team can be if everybody gets hurt.

It's easy to forget that everything the Pels did last postseason was without DeMarcus Cousins, who fell with an Achilles tear during the second half of the season. With him on board, they could've done some serious damage.

Now, they'll never get the chance to find out.

These types of things can't be controlled, but it must have Davis growing tired of suffering that same fate over and over again. Maybe somewhere else, he'll have better luck?